Frequently Asked Questions

Video Math Lessons

What type of software do I need to view the Online Math Solution video math lessons?
Our series of video math lessons can be viewed on standard Windows or Mac Operating Systems.

What can I expect to learn from an Online Math Solution lesson?
Each video math lesson replicates a classroom, and includes an introduction, followed by examples pertaining to each lesson. Click here to view a sample Online Math Solution Video Math Lesson.

What does each Online Math Solution lesson cost?
All of our video math lessons are now FREE. You may view them as often as is you like.

How do I know which lesson to view?
Find the name of the section that you need help with, click on the title of that lesson, and review the tutorial. Each lesson includes examples to be taught in a given subject.

What if I don't see a title (subject) I am interested in?
Send an e-mail request to to request the title of the lesson you wish to view, and it will be available within 24 hours.


Online Math Tutoring

What type of software and hardware is needed to engage in an Online Math Solution online tutoring session?
You will need a Windows or Mac Operating System and Skype downloaded to your computer for interactive screen sharing with Online Math Solution.

How do I install the Skype software program?
It's simple and easy! Visit and download the free software setup files. Instructions for installing and launching Skype are available on the download page. If you do not have a Skype User ID, you will need to create one after the installation is complete.

How effective is Online Math Solution tutoring?
Since you will see the lesson while simultaneously hearing it explained, online math tutoring is equally effective as one-on-one in person math tutoring. The interactive screen sharing feature allows both the tutor and the student to participate in each lesson.

What is the cost for Online Math Solution tutoring?
$50 per hour.